5 Conflict Resolution Methods for Your Business

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Being a business owner means that at some point in time, you’ll have to deal with workplace conflicts. Sometimes that may mean you are tasked to mediate different conflicts between your staff members. While sometimes this is hard to avoid, there are several strategies to help prevent conflicts from becoming a distraction and taking over the culture of your company. Here are five conflict resolution methods for your organization to try.

1. Circling

One strategy to try with a large group of employees is something called circling. Known as restorative justice circles, this is a technique that helps deal with a major conflict and smooth out relationships between individuals for the future. This method gives everyone a voice and a chance to express their side of the story. Beyond instances of serious conflict between individual workers, circles can also be used to help strengthen the sense of community in your workplace. Simply gather your team in a circle, and pass around a speaking prop to help generate a conversation.

2. Team Building

Another useful strategy to help keep conflict at bay is to use team building exercises. Adding team building activities to your workplace culture can help make friendships and generate a level of respect among your workers. You can visit one of the many team building conference centers around the country and focus on building comradery. In many cases, you’ll encounter experts with a great deal of knowledge on how to create community within your workplace. Professionals in this field have developed expertise through top university programs, like ACU, in social work or counseling.

3. Resource Staff Members

Another idea is to staff your human resources department with capable resource staff members who can help address workplace conflicts. This way, you can have an on-site expert who is equipped with the necessary tools to help diffuse serious conflicts and keep your most talented staff members working productively. Look for individuals with degrees from prestigious social work programs, like Case Western Reserve University. Click here to learn more about Case’s social work degree.

4. Praise and Incentives

Next, you can start putting more effort into your interactions with your staff members by focusing on meaningful praise and providing incentives to employees to do their best. This way, you can encourage your employees to do the right thing. Periodic praise from the owner and other business leaders can be a great way to foster positivity in your organization. Additionally, having employees work towards incentives and rewards can help channel their energy into great things.

5. Open Communication Policy

Lastly, communication is the key to keeping employees from feeling they don’t have a voice. You can encourage communication and open the channels more effectively by having an open door policy at your company. This means that you have to make yourself available to any employee whenever possible so he or she can address concerns to you specifically.

Helping your employees communicate more effectively and develop stronger bonds with each other are great ways of fostering positivity in the workplace. You can keep distracting conflicts from derailing your organization’s mission if you address issues with some of these methods.



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