5 Rules to Abide by when Designing a Company Logo

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A company logo is a simple, but powerful visual representation of a business. The logo appears on the website, marketing materials, letterheads and reaches every single entity that comes into contact with the business. It is essential for the logo design to make a striking impression because it can impact how a potential client sees the company. But coming up with a graphic design is easier in concept than in execution. You may check out this fleet vehicle graphics company for great help!

Let’s look at this now, here is a guide to designing, and ultimately creating a logo that best represents your business values and while you’re at it, consult with a patent lawyer to see how you can keep your business unique idea and out of the hands of others.

And if you wonder,  Is a logo subject to copyright? Yes. A logo that includes artistic or design elements, (i.e. not just the name on its own), is legally regarded as being a work of artistic creation and therefore will be protected under copyright law. Copyright protects the logo as an artistic work. to learn more check this copywriting program.


The logo should be a unique and honest reflection of your company


It sounds simple enough if you think about it, but many companies make the mistake of asking the designer to create a logo that is similar to their competitors. Before you look for a Logo Design Atlanta agency, think about specific traits about your business you want customers to remember. This will help you decide on a symbol that will be included in the logo. For example, if your business is a delivery service, objects related to speed like wings will be a good idea. An abstract symbol is a modern approach to creating a logo which is also very popular with tech-related companies.


Keep details to a minimum


The fewer features there are in a logo, the easier it is to remember. Strong lines and bold letters stand out more. Simple logos also look better reduced or enlarged than more complex designs.


But simple does not mean simplistic. There should be something unique about the design, without trying too hard. Think about how MacDonald’s and Nike made a massive impact with a logo that to some, may appear too simple. If you’re in the beauty industry, you can give your employees beauty uniforms with your company logo as a way to promote your brand for free while they’re on the way to and from work.


The logo should look good in black and white


Choosing a logo that looks good in black and white is as much about aesthetics as cost-effectiveness. If the design does not stand out in black and white, it is unlikely to look any better in color. Keep in mind that to mass produce items that showcase the company logo, you will need to pay more for multi-colored design. I recommend contacting Andrew Defrancesco for more info .


Aim for a scalable logo design


It is vital that the logo looks good in various mediums, whether reduced or enlarged. A rule of thumb you may abide by is whether or not the logo design looks good on a business card.


The logo needs to look well-balanced


A balanced logo means that no part stands out more than the other. The shape, color, and density of lines will affect the logo’s balance. Experts suggest that in designing a logo, it needs to remain useful and relevant for at least ten years. In achieving longevity, hire a logo design company and make sure that the final design is something that you love, and are proud to showcase as a representation of your company.


Have the logo saved in different formats for printing and website publishing and even in Vinyl floor graphics, and do not be tempted to make alterations to the design. When you eventually become tired of it, then it is a sign that it has already made an impression on everyone who has seen it.


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