5 Startup Secrets to Keeping Costs Down When Starting a Business

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Everyone has a dream. For many people it is the thought of leaving their jobs, spreading their wings, and making their own way in business. Being answerable only to yourself, and controlling your own destiny, is ultimately one of the most satisfying feelings there is. Your business becomes your child; protecting it and watching it grow is all consuming. You may have the desire to step out on your own, but think that it is beyond your financial reach. I hope that a few tips that are within this article help you to keep your costs down as your venture begins. If you need some more tips, or even some help taking a difficult decision, consider asking Andy Defrancesco.


Business Location


Have you thought about working from home? Rent charges and business rates can be crippling for the start-up entrepreneur. It may be an idea to use a virtual office or find meeting and conference rooms across Manchester, Birmingham, London or any major city in the United Kingdom. By hiring a meeting or conference room for the day, you are able to maintain a professional front whilst still doing the groundwork from your back bedroom. Working from home only works for some people and depends on the type of business you are setting up! It’s a great cost saving if you are able to scale your business this way.




Do you absolutely need the latest photocopier or computers? Second hand business machines can easily be found on internet auction sites or in local second hand shops for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Most are kept in good nick! You might also consider having office water coolers for your staff. In addition, for additional computer guidance and to Saber más, go online.




You can save hundreds of pounds by using free software. For most office solutions, there are excellent open source packages online available for free download. Alternatively, base your office in the cloud. Two of the biggest names on the internet provide excellent cloud solutions. All you need to do is register to take advantage of excellent software and free storage. There is also fantastic photo editing and vector drawing software, so most of your bases are covered.




The big things in marketing these days are social media. Do your research and register with the main sites. This form of networking is free, popular and seems to rule the world in this day and age. Business cards, flyers, and other promotional materials are cheap and easy to find with a simple internet search.




Employing people is a very expensive game. Can your mom help with the filing, your sister answer the phone? Having the support of family and friends during your first year can save you thousands.




There’s no need to spend a massive amount on a luxury car when hiring is so simple these days. If you only need to show your best image once or twice a month, hiring is worth considering. Even if you are on the road every day, hiring a mid-range motor can be a sensible approach. There’s no tax, service charges, breakdown cover, or insurance costs for you to worry about. One weekly or monthly payment covers it all!


So there we have it. The secret to a successful start-up business is to keep costs and outgoings down, whilst ensuring you maximise profits. It needn’t cost a fortune to create a great image. Take what you can from this and start building your own empire. You won’t be the first person to build a multi-national corporation on a shoestring budget so go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? Good luck.



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