Five Ways To Be More Competitive In Your Industry

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Perhaps 2014 is the year that your company moves out the zone of being a small business, as you grow into a medium player on the market. Having growth plans ensures that you keep working hard to reinvent yourselves and stay afloat in turbulent times. Sitting still often does businesses no favours in the current market; there is so much competition to battle against. So be more competitive, and you might be in a much better place this time, next year.

If you are wondering what you can do to get into this position, this blog post will help you to get started. Here are five ways to be more competitive in your industry; but it is your job to figure out what is applicable to you, as well as how you will implement each point…

Move Offices

Where is your office currently located? This can actually make a massive difference to the way that other companies – including clients – perceive you. Someone that has made the most of theĀ office space Bank London has to offer is much more likely to be respected than someone in an industrial park next to a factory. So perhaps you could consider moving offices to somewhere that will give you the authority and respect that you deserve; after all, what it is the point in putting in hard work if people turn you down after looking you up on Google Maps?

Speak At Conferences

Another way to be more competitive is to show your worth through means of what you know. Some of this can be shared with industry peers and potential clients at conferences and seminars, and you will soon make a name for yourselves. You will also be able to meet people who might be able to help you go from strength to strength, so it makes sense to get into this scene as soon as possible.

Be An Exhibitor

You should also think about sponsoring an event or becoming an exhibitor where you can meet people on your stand. Whether you get a shell scheme or a space only area for a custom built stand is up to you, but the end goal is to speak to as many people (leads) as possible, as well as increasing sales.

Have Social Media Presence

When you are in the office, you can still connect with people by means of social media; for businesses LinkedIn and Twitter are probably the best sites to use. However you could also see whether Google Plus or Facebook are worthwhile exploring; ultimately you just want to get to the places where you can find customers, fans and investors.

Be Creative

There are plenty of other things you could do in order to become more competitive; those who do it best use creativity to their advantage. Whether this is having a wacky office space or doing something really interesting for charity, those who can make a name for themselves will be remembered when people are looking for products or services.


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