How Columbia Business School Loans Catapult You Up the Corporate Ladder?

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Leading national publications like the Bloomberg Businessweek and the Financial Times regard the Columbia Business School, University of Columbia (New York), as one of the best B-schools in the world and rank it right at the top amongst the crème la crème of management schools in the United States. However, this is no secret. Employers have known it for long and it is thus not surprising to note that a whopping 97 percent of all the graduates from this institution obtain plum job offers as soon as they complete their courses.

Starting Off Right

Graduates from the Columbia Business School shoot up the corporate ladder to become heads of organizations, industry thought leaders, innovators, and change agents. So, it is not surprising to note that an MBA degree from here is much coveted. But what makes it so special?

A Program Worth its Weight in Gold

The Columbia Business School offers MBA and Executive MBA (EMBA) programs of differing durations as well as non-degree executive training courses together with its online igcse tutors. Every business program at the School offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends prevalent and pioneering academic theories with hands-on industrial practice. A graduate from here not only possesses functional knowledge but also has an entrepreneurial spirit and is fueled by a passion for innovation to succeed at the highest echelons of the corporate world.

The global business education imparted at the Columbia Business School serves to equip students with the ability to thrive in a volatile business environment in whichever industry they may function, bring value to their organizations, and thus advance their careers.

Obtaining a degree from the Columbia Business School is understandably the dream of many. But it comes with a steep price tag. Students need to shell out thousands of dollars to enroll for an MBA program here. It would have been a deterrent to many had it not been for the very lucrative Columbia Business School loans.

Outstanding Loan Program

These loans are ideal for students because they come with numerous facilities and convenient repayment options. For instance, you do not need a co-signer to obtain these loans. These loans typically have low interest rates and are thus much more affordable than the Federal Direct PLUS loan. You will also not need to pay the interest amounts during the course of the program. You can start repaying six months after graduating, which leaves you with ample time to land a marvelous job—a certainty given that you are a CBS alumnus.

You can apply for a hardship deferral should you be unlucky enough not to acquire a job even after six months from graduating and find yourself unable to start repaying the loan which you took out.

Columbia Business School financial aid programs help the truly deserving and financially needy student to go through a world-class educational system and emerge fully equipped to rise and shine in the demanding business environment.



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