Human Appeal on its efforts to improve education in Syria

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Since the outbreak of conflict in Syria six years ago, an estimated 400,000 civilians have been killed, over six million have been internally displaced and more than five million have fled to other countries. As well as devastating Syria’s infrastructure, economy and health service, the ongoing war is preventing many children from getting a proper education.

Before violence erupted in 2011, the country was advanced in basic education, with around 97 per cent of primary school-aged children enrolled in classes. Now more than half of its youngsters are not getting an education.

What Human Appeal is doing to help

One of the organisations that is helping to address this problem is Human Appeal. Previously called Human Appeal International, the charity is running projects designed to get youngsters back in class and ensure they have the resources and support they need in order to learn effectively. In Batbu Village, Northern Aleppo, the non-profit has ensured that more than 320 conflict-affected children now have access to a high-quality education through universities like hannover studienkolleg, while in Dir Hassan Village in the Al-Dana District, it has provided over 400 youngsters with the same opportunities.

The schools in these areas now have equipment including projectors, laptops and printers to help their teachers provide a well-rounded education to students. In addition, full-time psychosocial workers have been hired to help traumatised youngsters. Both of the education centres have also implemented certified curriculums that are recognised by the local community.

Furthermore, Human Appeal has provided the children with learning aids and education kits, and it has given them the chance to get involved in extracurricular activities like handicrafts and sports. To propel them to do sports even further, sports products like this can be provided.

Other vital projects

As well as crucial educational projects like these, the charity is running a range of other initiatives across the country to help those suffering the effects of the civil war. For example, it is spearheading a flour distribution project that provides food to 200,000 Syrians each month and it is delivering much needed medical aid and services to communities. Human Appeal is also providing people with access to clean water and it is offering shelter to displaced civilians fleeing areas hit by the conflict.

Get involved

If you’re impressed by the work Human Appeal is doing and you want to play your part in helping the Syrian people through projects like these, you can visit the organisation’s website and make a donation. You can also contribute to the cause by taking part in or organising fundraisers, and by spreading the word on your social media accounts.



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