Is Money the root of all evil or not?

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The whole world nowadays is involved in the process of commercialization. Every person has some needs, and whether they are basic or luxurious people run after different things from time to time. In the financial vortex we realize that the most important thing needed is money and the well-known quote comes into our mind – “Money is the root of all evil”. If we think this expression over we’ll see that it’s true as well as false, the difference is in the way the money is used.

a place for businessOne cannot be blamed for creation money and accumulating wealth, because as soon as you have generated certain amount, you can use it for some good purposes and activities. Looking at money from such view point makes it clear the above quote is not true. Still sometimes money is utilized to meet some selfish needs of a person or greed, in this case we can speak about it being evil and causing evil.

Our world today is impossible without money. The financial means allow us and our families to live a happy life. If we lack money, it results in being bound to using quickest money borrowing services. Money has become essential for our survival nowadays. In this aspect we cannot refer to it as evil, due to the fact that it’s a basic necessity of our life.

Very often people realize the significance of money, when they come across some kind of emergency, a medical one for instance. If you or your family member falls ill and you are unable to bear the costs of treatment, the situation can be threatening. Even taking into consideration the fact that most of us are insured, health insurance coverage may be limited or fail to cover everything, it means, you will have to use money you earn for treatment.

Still there are a lot of people thinking the statement “Money is the root of all evil” is true. Let’s note that not the fact of money possession makes it evil, but the moment when we start to be controlled by money and greed, the time when we use our means for the wrong purposes and actions. Greed supported by wealth may drive certain people to crimes and even destroy society. That is what turns financial means into evil. One can prevent money from becoming evil only taking control over malicious urges. People should take care not to allow money become the master of their lives. As soon as you give in to some wicked temptation, you will not be able to stop from taking evil actions further on.

There is no univocal answer to the question whether the money is the root of all evil or not, because the answer is in the individual circumstances and the character of a person, the way he treats money and deals with them. If you manage not to allow money become your master, you will for sure prevent it from being evil.


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