Looking To The Future: Your MBA

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Higher Education At Laurier University

Getting your MBA from Laurier University is the right step because of its “Integrated Core” program, which was designed to help Laurier students distinguish themselves from those in other MBA programs. This superior teaching model incorporates eight of the school’s fundamental courses in a comprehensive and holistic style that makes sense to our students while challenging them to grow. Starting with day one, Laurier students will become accustomed to applying knowledge from these core areas to the real-life case studies they analyze in the classroom. They will refine their personal and professional skills by competing in international competitions and participating in workshops. Laurier has become a leader in the academic world because, for the last twenty-five years, it has put students in the environment allowing them to develop every aspect of their potential.

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Laurier University students are divided into diverse teams for the full Integrated Core term. These teams are selected so that individuals have the opportunity to work with others with various skills, backgrounds, and from different geographical locations. Students will be engaged in team projects that will not only allow them to learn from each other, but give them a perspective on business that will not be found in other MBA programs; they will also take online exams with an online exam proctoring software. This is because the variety of their challenges will force them to think outside of the box; to be innovative and resourceful; and to work with their teammates to create the best solutions. For the company project, for example, students must perform a financial analysis on an imaginary company and then propose actions for investments. The country project casts an even wider net, having students analyze a Canadian firm’s opportunities on the world market. The Live ICE Project whets students’ competitive appetites by having teams present their recommendations to a real company facing a legitimate business issue. Laurier students are not just working in the abstract – they will be applying their courses to real problem-solving with real repercussions.

While many students are enthusiastic about getting their MBA, others are worried that finding work afterwards may be challenging. This is something that the Laurier curriculum also takes into account. Laurier offers a variety of career services feared toward ensuring that students allocate time to planning and preparing for the careers they desire. This program offers workshops to guide students in self-promotion, interview preparation, business networking and etiquette, and general organization. Furthermore, Laurier staff will work with students on a one-on-one basis with specially scheduled career guidance counseling. These appointments will help students to develop the skills that they need to be successful after they have earned their MBA. Many programs focus all of their energy on helping MBA students to pass their classes but neglect to give them the practical tools and resources needed to succeed in the real world. Becoming a competent interviewer and dynamic networker, as well as being able to present a polished resume and cover letter, are some of the crucial, but underrated, aspects of the hiring process.


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