Must-Have Software And Technology Solutions For Mobile Entrepreneurs

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Many entrepreneurs don’t operate out of a fixed base such as an office or their home, but rather they can be found roaming the country and even the world, reaching out to new and existing customers alike in the hopes of taking orders for the products and services that they supply.



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If you are planning on starting your own business soon and you will be one of those nomadic entrepreneurs, then it is important that you have the right tools at your disposal to be as efficient and productive as you possibly can be whilst you are travelling.


Here are some common must-have technology and software solutions that you should check out for your needs!




Business people that spend most of their time on the road are not going to want a desktop computer for obvious reasons, so the perfect alternative would be a laptop (or a MacBook Pro if you prefer Mac OS X over Microsoft Windows).


These versatile mobile computers can be used with wired Ethernet or wireless Internet connections so you can get online quite easily, and you will be able to do your work from pretty much anywhere around the world!




If there are only certain tasks that you need to perform whilst you are travelling, and you would rather have a beefy desktop computer at home or at the office, then what you need to get is a tablet!


There is a vast choice of tablet devices on the market, with different screen sizes and capabilities so it really depends what your own personal requirements are. They are typically an attractive option to laptops because they are cheaper, lighter and smaller to carry around.




Any entrepreneur worth their salt needs to have a smartphone! With such a device, you can run a number of telecom solutions that enable you to easily connect with colleagues and customers around the world, such as video conferencing software.


And thanks to advances in mobile data technology (i.e. 4G), you can easily achieve faster Internet connection speeds and not suffer from any audio or video lag during any teleconferencing sessions!




One of the most popular cloud storage systems available to both consumers and business people alike is Dropbox. You can install the Dropbox software on your Windows or Mac computer, on your tablet and even on your smartphone!


This makes it easy to view and amend any important documents and files on the go, and negates the need for connecting to a central file server in your office.


The other benefits to Dropbox is that the service also offers versioning; this is extremely handy if you change something accidentally in a file and save it, as you can simply revert back to the previously-saved version and stop panicking!




Although there are many audio and video conferencing software solutions on the market, the most popular one of all is Skype! Now owned by software giant Microsoft, Skype offers many conferencing facilities over the Internet using its software for free, with advanced features being offered for nominal fees.


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