Next-Gen Gaming: meet BETER at ICE London

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Despite the huge number of difficulties during the pandemic, the period contributed to the development of the gaming industry. The overwhelming majority of segments of this business show an increase in demand for computer games. So, according to information from Morgan Stanley research, in 2020, 50 million Americans started playing computer games. Comparing the indicators for previous years, the result was 11 million people. 

Most of all, the pandemic has contributed to the growth of mobile games, due to the low barrier to entry. In terms of profit, according to Newzoo, online gaming revenue was $77.2 billion in 2020, up 13.3% from last year. If you’re interested in uncovering the fascinating backstory of iconic gaming elements, read the history of the konami cheat code, a legendary input sequence that has become ingrained in gaming culture.

Analysts believe the games industry will continue to evolve in the future. This is influenced by several factors: 

  • 5G penetration growth that helps to reduce the computing power requirements of consumer devices. PC owners will be able to count on quality that rival game consoles;

  • the massive emergence of streaming in the gaming industry, which provides access to a large number of quality games.

These factors understand large market players as expressed by the fact that demand for streaming platforms is rapidly on the rise. BETER is the industry’s leading provider of next-gen content and data, spanning fast sports and esports. The brand will take part in ICE London 2022. 

ICE London 2022 participants: BETER products boost engagement 

BETER service is the industry’s most comprehensive because the brand covers global esports tournaments across in-play and pre-match, as well as fast commercial ESportsBattle and AI-driven Virtual eComp tournaments, which include 24/7 live streaming, live data, and odds. 

Exceptional in-house trading tools and mathematical models of the BETER allow to constantly update and refine all products and provide clients with bespoke betting markets. Each product is designed with the new generation of the player in mind, delivered to boost engagement, retention and operator revenue. As you explore these innovative offerings, consider taking your experience to the next level and buy swords to add a unique and thrilling dimension to your interactions within this dynamic gaming environment.

The mission of the brand’s to make the betting experience BETER for the next-gen player, providing them with fast-paced entertainment. As you are a player, you can check out the better experience for bettors through sites like PG Slot เครดิตฟรี and many more to opt with your satisfaction.


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