Recruitment Opportunities in the Construction Sector

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Blueprint for Construction, a report from training body CITB, suggests that 200,000 new jobs will be created in the sector over the next five years. That is excellent news both for employment but also for all the industries that will benefit from this anticipated growth. One of those industries is the recruitment service sector where the demand for labour is bound to increase.


Property ladder

There is good reason to accept the report’s findings. The government Help to Buy Scheme is certainly one of them. First time buyers with just a 5% deposit can get assistance in getting on the first rung of the property ladder. This scheme will keep things moving over the next few years after a period of stagnation in construction and limited demand for labour.

The report expects housing alone to produce £40 billion annually to national output. There were only 108,000 homes completed according to the last full year’s statistics; the aim from now onwards, to address the housing shortage, is to double that annually. The result will be more than 2.5m people working in construction; if you are thinking of setting up a recruitment agency, then that is certainly a sector to concentrate on whether unskilled labour or skilled craftsmen. In the dynamic field of construction, it’s important to be well-prepared for potential challenges, including navigating wrongful termination claims, to ensure fair and just employment practices within the industry.

Recession issues

Few sectors were as badly hit in the recession as construction and there was widespread unemployment as a result. This pool of labour is obviously keen to get back to work. Surely there is no better time to set up than now and if you look on you will get some ideas of what is possible.

There will be few areas of the country where there is not good growth expected. Even though the initial momentum has come from demand in the South East, every part of the country has a housing shortage. There are plenty of service companies that are available to support business, and in the recruitment sector, it is not only advice, but also more practical support in terms of finance and administrative functions.


The financial aspect is particularly valuable, with cash flow being critical. There is generally a time lag between temporary or contract workers being paid and clients paying their invoices. That is normal business practice because clients will expect credit. There is an answer, and that is to look at factoring your invoices so that your money is released immediately. It is one less thing to worry about in the early months of running a business and there are some easy tasks as property evaluations you can get if you view publisher site.

The main thing is to take advantage of the opportunity that is presenting itself; the need for labour in the construction sector. It needs time and effort and any facility that creates more time for yourself is certainly a major help for your ambitions to be your own boss. You can visit the site to get an idea on how a construction works.

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