Small Business and Technology

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Traditionally, technology or a Knowledge Management System wasn’t something which was heavily considered by small businesses. When first released, the price of fully functioning websites, cloud integration (visit to know more about cloud database), and mobile applications saw them reserved solely for big businesses with big budgets. However, as these services quickly became more affordable, small businesses discovered they were now in a position to not only compete, but put up a good fight. Hence, you may consider looking for cloud services from sites like with data discovery features to ensure you’re using advanced tools.


Location Aware Searches

The first tool to be used was location-aware searches. This tool was handed to small businesses thanks to cell phone manufacturers by way of inbuilt GPS tracker radios. This turned almost every cell phone into a location aware device. Combined with the proactive nature of search engines, small businesses such as gyms were able to purchase location aware keyword searches. This meant that when a user was in proximity of a local gym and simply searched for the word ‘Gym,’ their service would be prominent displayed.



The introduction of smartphones and mobile phone plans radically changed the way that users interacted with their mobile devices. Large companies were quick to jump on this high level of functionality by building experience rich apps for their customers to interact with. However, with the release of easy to understand developer tools, small business owners realized that they were able to create their own apps, of course for this they need to maintain a good network and Cloud router services can virtually connect you to different clouds so all your apps can be connected. While these offerings may not sit at the same level of functionality offered by big business, they often didn’t need to. A simple app to manage customer loyalty points and provide directions was enough to satisfy mobile app users.


Customer Connections

There is one thing which big business has always struggled with; connecting with their customers on an emotional level. With operating staff, low-level managers, high-level managers, and head office executives, customers are too removed to establish a connection. This was an area where small businesses thrived, however, was not one they were able to continue once the customer left the store. The social media boom changed this. With a social media presence, small businesses were, and are, able to continue the connection with customers by way of social media interactions. When a customer interacts with big business on social media, the connection gap exists because the person at the other end is bound by scripts. However, with small business, the person on the other end is the very person they were speaking to before leaving the store. You can also invest in a business phone to connect with your customers for aftersales. Get your Business phones at a fraction of the cost!


Nobody can deny that big businesses benefit from technology, and were once the dominant players. However, to discount the benefits which small businesses reap from embracing technology is just bad business.



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