Smart thoughts for cutting down on transport costs

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It’s official; the UK is no longer in recession. The problem is that many people are still fed up with rising costs, increased pollution and problems with paying their rent or mortgage.




One of the biggest hurdles for anyone who is trying to tailor their desires to match their bank balance is that the sums just don’t add up. Add the cost of a new car into the mix and the deficit side of the budget gains preponderance. There is a solution.


First of all there is a huge difference between existing and living. The former means paying the bills and never going out, the latter means exploring different ways in which a family can afford to travel without bankrupting the finances. One idea may be to invest in an electric car.


Smart cars are nippy and cool and do offer a cost-effective method of transportation.


Anyone who is eager to take advantage of any bargains at local Farmer’s Markets or nearby supermarkets will enjoy the fuel economy of these vehicles as well as their low carbon footprint.


Admittedly these cars are only ideal for two passengers, but a third can be fitted into some models. The designer behind the evolution of The Smart car is Nicholas Hayek, the man who gave the world the Swatch which combined affordable style with accurate timekeeping.




For many people in the UK, a holiday is beyond the dreams of avarice. Sometimes it’s better to save some pounds and then invest in a car.


Public transport should be an alternative but it has become so unreliable of late that it’s impossible to draw up a timetable of arrival and departure based on the vagaries of this system.


The starter prices for an electric Smart car start from around £9,000 and rise to £16,000, so prices may fluctuate due to currency differences but the message is the same.


With a low mpg and minimal road tax cost this car is ideal for anyone trying to save money. The low CO2 emissions will also suit anyone who is concerned about the problems arising from climate change and any other pressing environmental concerns.


Just because every aspect of the family budget is stretched, a little bit of imagination can sometimes provide a solution. Frugal is good and Smart cars can help make life a little better.


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