SmartOne- One card and Endless Possibilities

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The first question that will arise in your mind is that what exactly SmartOne is. SmartOne is one of the divisions of TSYS; the program is specifically designed for organizations as well as businesses in United States. It is end to end employee appreciation programs service that is backed up by powerful technology along with excellent marketing skill of TSYS. The program is able to provide an outstanding speed to the competitive as well as speedy models that promise to provide prepaid cards especially designed for business purpose and services that they offer to external and also internal clients. The advanced technology powered by TSYS is able to enhance the value of number of global leading companies, providing the opportunity to hundreds of millions of customers to make use of their credit, commercial, debit, prepaid and chip etc cards securely and safely globally.

Prepaid Programs Offered

The SmartOne service fits perfect for each and every occasion and contains everything needed by your business, they are basically a kind of reward of choice. The service offers singly loaded cards that are available in various amounts that are selected by you and also reloadable cards that can be used for distribution of repeated funds to several vendors, employees as well as business associates. All of the cards offered are MasterCard and Visa cards.

There are many services that are additionally offered by it like; the users can personalize the text that is present in the embossing lines of the card. The customers can also customize the mailed card carrier by putting your company or business logo as well as message lines. These cards are mainly preferred by companies to motivate, recognize and also to reward employees, business partners and customers.

Benefits of Prepaid Programs

  • The business cards provided by smartOne can help to save clients valuable time along with money. Moreover they are able to assist in enhancing user’s operational efficiency.
  •  The cards could make your situation a whole lot safer as if these are thieved or perhaps misplaced, they could be very easily backed up by Visa or even MasterCard plans.
  • Cards assist in encouraging the faithfulness of the customers, pumping up his or her business as well as in driving a completely new business.
  • An easy to customize branding choice is offered to be able to improve the popularity and also brand exposure, which become an integral part of corporate marketing strategies.

Flexibility along with Convenience

  • The business card works extremely well at any place where MasterCard as well as Visa are approved such as in shops , online , over the telephone calls and a lot more.
  • The cards can be obtained at any value.
  • This card may also be preferred aver gift cards that is just workable at only a handful of retailer shops.
  • An extra quality of the card is the fact that the card does not have any cardholder fee. Almost all the cash which is packed in the card is simply for cardholder and practically nothing else. You need not to spend any kind of activation or even month to month charges.

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