Tactics of Marketing for Successful E-Commerce on Your Website

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Your e-commerce success is largely dependent on the quality of your website, which will play host to your online storefront. Whether you rely entirely on your online store to market your products or services, your business offers services like yoga which would require you to have Full Stack Marketing For Yoga, or you have physical locations and your website is just an extension of those, it’s important that you build your site professionally and accurately from the ground up. Begin by figuring out if this is a task you can handle yourself, or if you should outsource your project to a web designer who can provide exceptional website design services, or even to a company like 1ShoppingCart, where you’ll have all aspects of your e-commerce needs attended to.

 E-CommerceOnce your site is completely designed and launched, it’s time to work on marketing tactics:

Display your products now. This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many companies neglect to include high quality, large-sized photos of their products for customers to view. Detailed descriptions are great, but when it comes to products, particularly apparel, cosmetics, toys, and electronics, it pays to put forth the extra effort to include great photos.

Update your site regularly.

Keep an accurate count of stock, and be sure to update sales and other promotions on a regular basis so that customers are always seeing — and hopefully taking advantage of — the latest prices.

Stay ahead of the curve.

Always check out your competition, and even your competition’s competition. Whatever they’re doing, try to do it better.

Prepare for the holidays.

Ideally, you should begin working on seasonal and holiday campaigns — complete with holiday-themed advertisements and images — several months beforehand, so that you’re ready several weeks ahead of time.

Be present on social media.

Your customers are on Facebook, and most likely on Twitter, too. Are you there? If not, now’s the time to get those profiles set up. You can use a text message service to reach more customers and lead them to your website, this is an effective way to increase traffic to your website.

Video advertising is effective because it relies on two things that are successful in catching our attention: movement and sound. Both of these help marketers send a clear message to their target audience. In fact, the average person retains 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. There is also A recent study found that social media ads are very effective in helping internet users find new products. On average, 28% of people who use the internet found new products after viewing social media ads. In fact, most of us can’t imagine scrolling down our social media feeds without stopping to check out a video. Be it a viral video that is the talk of the town or a branded video that gets you to click ‘buy,’ this medium is certainly here to stay.  To learn more from real experts visit Tracy’s blog, you can view her advertising campaigns here,

It’s easy to understand why this tool attracts customers. Just think of it from your perspective. Do you like reading huge blocks of text to find out information about a new product? Or would you rather watch a video that’s succinct and sends a clear message? Well, something tells us that you would, like us, go with the latter. Even the New York Times isn’t afraid to proclaim that we’re living in the post-text world. The famous newspaper goes as far as to say that reading prose on a screen is becoming old-fashioned. How effective is video advertising? Well, if it’s a choice between text and video, then 59% of executives say they’d pick the latter. This desire for video content is even more prominent among younger generations, particularly Gen Z. So, if you want to attract them to your business, says Forbes, use videos as this demographic cohort is increasingly starting to lead digital lives.

Treat your customers well. Make your customers’ shopping experience as personalized as possible. If they have an account, greet them by name. You may also use a story telling video app with the help of a Social Media Video Production Company to create a video production material to promote your business and connect directly with your customers. Always send receipts via email, and send follow-up emails to inquire about the satisfaction of a shopping experience and with the products themselves.


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