The Key to Happiness at Work

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Too many people drag themselves to work on a Monday morning with all the enthusiasm of the dead. If you’re going to achieve highly at work, and return home ready to make the most of your free time. If you’re dragged down by your work, you’ll find yourself listless and lacking in energy in your leisure time too, whereas if you’re fired up about your working projects you’ll find your energy outside the office is redoubled as well!

Today we’re taking a look at different ways to be happy at work, from changing your attitude to changing your job!

Adding Meaning

One of the most satisfying about a job is when you know it’s meaningful. When you’re achieving something that you know makes a difference, for you, for the company, for society. It might be that you need to simply reframe your understanding of your role in the company so you can see your contribution more clearly, or if you’re terminally listless and burnt out it might be time to think about a change of scene.

If you’re being ground down by a faceless job in a big company, simply watching emails and spreadsheets pass in front of you, it might be time to retrain so you can pursue social worker jobs. You’re unlikely to enjoy higher wages or more shorter working hours but you will be able to see the difference you make every day, and hard work that’s got a visible result is one of the keys to happiness at work.


If you’re committed to staying with your existing employer, there are changes to your attitude and working life you can make that emphasises your achievements and stops every day feeling like a pointless grind.

Talk to your manager about acquiring new skills or taking on new responsibilities. If you’re able to mark out a few hours a week for a project under your ownership, or a course building your skills, you’ll have something important that you make clear progress on each week that you can focus on, t build your sense of reward.

Having access to useful materials it is also gratifying, like having a newspaper stand – LTC Office Supplies or others to make your job easier.

You can also take a closer look at how what you’re doing influences the wider organisation. If you take a look at where your department sits, what your work enables others to do you can start frame rote or boring tasks not as high octane and exciting, but at least as a vital part of the operation of the company. When you eliminate those feelings that what you do is pointless, your satisfaction is sure to rise. The lawyers at HKM can give your information about the employment regulations in LA California.


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