The Mistakes of Customer Service Representatives When Dealing With Incoming Calls

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Everyone seems to have a story of a time they received poor customer service. Today, with all of the competing businesses, a business owner can’t afford to lose customers due to poor service. When a customer calls a business, he or she should receive the same top-quality service every time no matter the issue. Hiring a professional who is well-versed in call handling is definitely a crucial piece in making your business stay afloat. Here are some of the common mistakes customer service representatives make when dealing with incoming calls.

 Service RepresentativesOne of the most common mistakes made by customer service representatives is leaving callers on hold for several minutes. Someone who is calling a business may be pressed for time and can’t wait for several minutes to get his or her problems addressed. One of the best moves a great business owner similar to¬†Andrew Defrancesco can make is to ensure that his or her staff of customer representatives has the training to move through calls quickly and efficiently so callers don’t have to wait on hold for an unreasonable amount of time.

Another common mistake made by customer service reps on the phone is not speaking to a caller in a professional manner. For instance, every caller should be treated with respect. When the customer service representative has to check on something and needs to put a caller on hold, the person must do so in a polite way. The caller shouldn’t be ordered to do something. Customer service reps who know the basics can put someone on hold in a pleasant way. One example of a company that can train customer reps is Impact Learning customer service.


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