What To Do After a Cooking Fire

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Even if you have years of experience in the kitchen, you might still panic when a fire breaks out. The most common type of cooking fire is one caused by grease. If you leave grease on a hot burner for too long or at a high temperature, it can catch on fire and quickly spread around the room. Kitchen fires can also occur because you used too many appliances on the same circuit breaker or because of a spark inside the walls. Once you call for help and put out that fire, you need to know what to do next including which are the best websites to get kitchen appliances such as goodfoodblogph.com.


Call Your Insurer


As soon as you extinguish a cooking fire, call your insurer and tell the company what happened. If you own a home, you must have insurance that protects against damage caused by natural disasters as well as fires. You’ll typically need to pay a deductible, but once you make that payment, the company will cover the total cost of the restoration on your kitchen. To ensure you’re getting a fair compensation from your insurance provider, you may need to hire a claims adjuster from companies like LMR Public Adjusters. The insurer can also give you advice on which fire damage restoration company to hire for those repairs.


Save Your Belongings


In the hours and days after a kitchen fire, your home will probably smell a little smoky. Before the fire restoration company gets there, you can take a few hours and go through the kitchen to see if you can save any of your belongings. You may find that the pots, pans and other cookware inside cabinets and drawers are salvageable and that other things just need a little cleaning. Put all the belongings that you want to save in cardboard boxes that you store outside. Leaving those things in the fresh air can help air out those items and significantly improve the way each one smells.


Get Restoration Help


While there are things you can do on your own to get your kitchen fixed after a fire, most of the jobs are best for professional fire restoration contractors. These contractors can block off your kitchen to keep your pets and kids from wandering inside, but they can also remove heavier appliances and cabinets destroyed by that fire. Many Electronics Smoke Damage Restoration companies offer 24/7 support and will come to your home hours or less after a fire breaks out. Contractors will do an inspection to determine what your kitchen needs and then give you an estimate that tells you what insurance will not cover.

Furthermore, if you’re a property owner and your fire alarm system or water-based fire protection system is not functional, then you are required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Florida Statute to implement a fire watch. Seek expert help from a professional Fire Watch Company in Cape Canaveral.

To see this disaster in a different light, you may take this opportunity to finally go through with your dream kitchen remodeling. Plus, you can incorporate better fire safety precautions into your new kitchen design. See the benefits of using commercial kitchen fire suppression systems here.


Having an insurance policy that covers your home lets you get help paying the cost of smoke damage cleanup services and kitchen renovation after a fire, even if you were responsible for that fire. Once a kitchen fire breaks out in your home, call your insurer and collect your belongings before getting professional restoration help.


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