What to look for in an Office and why Reading?

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Reading, located in the South East of England, is a large town with a population of around 150,000. It is famous for being home to Ricky Gervais, prison ground for Oscar Wilde, and of course host to one of the country’s largest music festivals. Choosing a stomping ground for your business is a must. More so, Reading offers an array of various locations for offices, making it an ideal town to set up shop.



What to look for in an office

It is important to get the right office for you and your business. Is it essential to have an open plan office or would small rooms work better for you? Reading has the lot, but keep in mind that these things are really something to consider. An article on techradar points out that your productivity level decreased by around 66% in open-plan and noisy offices.

Queens Walk is just one area of offices in Reading which boasts spectacular views over the historic town. The RG1 postcode office includes state of the art telecoms and everything else you would expect. Making sure the broadband and telephone systems are up to date and capable is crucial. There is nothing worse than having connectivity issues, poor phone quality and dangerous cabling. As businesses are more and more reliant on internet communication and digital marketing, it is essential that you check the quality before tying yourself into an office contract. Make sure the security system is safe enough and the best locks are installed here.

Portman Road offices in Reading come at affordable prices with short and flexible leases. The 24 hour access and car parking make for a suitable location for all the employees you’ll be hiring. The alarm and CCTV security at this location is also a huge benefit. With this safety in mind, you will always feel secure at your workplace and there will never be a problem when it comes to break-ins. It also includes lounge areas and meeting rooms, making for suitable business networking locations and places for your employees to take a well deserved break. There are also printers and document scanning devices that everyone can use. If you want to add more, you can check out these Product printers for sale. If you’re using the machine every day, perhaps multiple times a day, then it’s surely going to be more cost-effective to buy your own printer rather than hiring one. If that’s the case, it can be hard to decide exactly which vinyl cutter is going to work best for your specific business. Check out A Guide to Choosing the Right Vinyl Printer For Your Business here for a great help option!

Why Reading?

Aside from the office space, Reading can help your business in other ways. First off, the University of Reading brings in a lot of young talent, and every year sees new graduates with fresh outlook and up to date knowledge. Business management is just one degree taught, so the ability to offer part time work to students and gain a relationship with the establishment is readily available.

Being one hour from London, Reading is in a perfect location. You may think London is the “place to be”, but with expensive office space and isolation in the far South East, it isn’t so perfect. Close to Southampton and Oxford, Reading’s location makes other viable places for business dealings, allowing you to branch out in various markets.

Reading has a lot of potential and arguably more so than some cities. Just make sure you do your due diligence when it comes to office hunting. The more you put into Reading, the more you will get out of it.


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