How You Can Select the Ideal Commercial Dishwasher for Your Business

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Dishwashers are a true necessity when you are running a food business such as a café, restaurant, bar, and other kinds of food establishments. But if you want the right kind of dishwasher, there are some key aspects to consider. There are many different kinds of dishwashers available, after all, and it’s essential that you make the right choice. Here’s how you can select the ideal commercial dishwasher for your business.

The basic requirements

There are some basic requirements if you are decorating and selecting a commercial dishwasher for your business. Firstly, it should be relatively easy to operate so that your employees will not have any issues with its operation or require complex training just to use it. Secondly, the commercial dishwasher must work fast – enough so that you will not have a ‘waiting list’ for clean dishes. The dishwasher should also fulfill whatever sanitary needs and requirements you have, and it should make your dishes and glasses completely clean, ensuring that you don’t receive any complaints from customers about dirt, grease, or grime on dishes and glasses. When it comes to your own business, you can plan to exit your business in case things are going wrong.

The types available

There are many different kinds of commercial dishwashers, so you should figure out which kind will fit your needs best.

Undercounter dishwashers

Undercounter dishwashers are ideal for cafes, bars, and restaurants which are smaller and don’t have too much space. Of course, since they are smaller, undercounter dishwashers will not be able to give you the same capacity as larger kinds, so if you have a bigger business that requires high-capacity dishwashing, an undercounter dishwasher may not be for you. With an undercounter dishwasher, you have extra counter space on the dishwasher’s top, and it is less expensive.

Door type dishwashers

Door type dishwashers are equipped with a big door at the front, and you can simply fill the racks and slide the racks right in, close the door, then have pristine dishes within minutes. If you have a constantly busy kitchen, this one’s for you. They do, however, occupy more space, and they use more energy and water.


If you have a kitchen which makes use of a lot of delicate glasses or if you have a café or bar, then a glass washer may be ideal. Glass washers can wash the most fragile martini and wine glasses, and they can be installed under the counter.

Conveyor type dishwashers

When it comes to conveyor type dishwashers, you have the highest and biggest capacity. But as you can imagine, they require a lot of space, although they are perfect for large kitchens with a lot of daily traffic, such as school or university cafeterias, hotel cafeterias, and hospital canteens. The conveyor belt should also be of high quality so that it will be durable. Visit sites like to get an idea.

At the end of the day, choosing the right commercial dishwasher is easy as long as you know what you require and what your kitchen and food establishment really needs.


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